Saturday, January 11th, 2014

In front of cheering crowds, Lieutenant Commander Hadley and his crew of Earth’s five best men and women launched their voyage to Ganymede on July 12th, 2061 in response to an alien radio transmission. Near the middle of the asteroid belt the alien transmission abruptly cut off. Driven by their curiosity, Hadley and his team voted to press on towards the last known location of the signal. On their expected arrival date of March 4th, 2075 the ground crew on Earth revived just one final transmission, “Radio signal trap, ship destroyed, crew dead, hostiles coming for Earth. They look human.”

A cracked mirror reflected the final image of humanity. A worn down trailer lined with dusty white walls. A foggy window filled with empty destruction and firestorm snowflakes raining from the sky. Flashes of bright yellow-green light spilling onto the stained floor. A wooden crib, vacant. A Labrador’s corpse, half eaten. A stained mattress, half used. A pot of water on a stove, still boiling. A knife on the floor, dipped in dark red. The last man, screaming wordless agony. The last woman, stomach open, lying in a pool of blood. The last son, still.
Joey Stamp is a New York City based writer/director. He wrote the Book and Lyrics for “Marley: A Musical Tragedy” produced by The Cabrini Rep; his adaptation of “The Winters Tale” titled “What’s Gone and What’s Past” with Abstract Sentiment Theatre; his short play “American Dream” that was featured in the Short Play Lab at Roy Arias Studios; and he was featured as one of five playwrights in The Dirty Blonds 24 hour play festival with his play “Eightball”. When he is not working in the theatre world he is busy writing fiction stories. Visit his website at joeystamp.com 

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